C.T.V.L.I. Initiatives



Academic support for those needing to complete high school and preparation for the ACT exam and college entrance exam, as needed.

Cultural Arts and Entertainment

A method of utilizing arts, music & other entertainment in conjunction with education, creating Edutaiment to connect with participants.

Career Readiness and Economic Development

Program designed to reach career changer, professionals and college graduate and meet their career goals

Community and Civic Engagement

The C.T. Vivian Leadership Institute, leverages partnerships , resources and other local agencies to provide support through, training, internships and scholarships to name a few. In addition, educating citizens about the life of a community minded individual in order to improve conditions for others or to help shape the community's future.

Inmate Re-Entry

Comprehensive program assessing and targeting the needs of the individual inmate for successful re-entry into society.

Male Scholars Program

Systematic approach to mentoring that matches an Elder and a program participant for personalized development.

Seminary Without Walls

Digital Collection of works from prominent leaders in the community on spiritually, growth and history.

Youth Diversion

Similar to the Male Scholars' Program, instead for youth, as an alternative to formally processing youth in the justice system. (This would be a court order program in lieu of traditional probation.)