Economic Development

Businesses provide jobs, products, and services that are vital to the community’s economic development. CTVLI’s model of incorporating its business development services promotes sustainability and increases businesses’ capacity to generate employment opportunities and profit.

Educational Development

Our program adds to the foundation that schools lay for continuing education. By preparing youth for the global market, CTVLI’s model for education addresses the needs and trains the students while the schools educate so that they are equipped to engage in the global marketplace.

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Personal Development

Being informed and empowered, citizens are key to a community’s growth and development. CTVLI’s model of personal development systems, resources, tools, and curricula provide mentoring, job training, and life skills that enhance personal capacities.

Faith-Based Development

CTVLI’s model for redevelopment and revitalization is designed to strategically impact community infrastructure by encouraging faith-based organizations to expand their service offerings and provide much-needed programs and for their economic development and growth. In addition, the CTVLI faith-based programs even offer personal development skills designed to support healthy work/life balance.”