C. T. V. L. I. is a 501c3 founded in 2008 by Dr. C. T. Vivian to create a model of leadership culture in Atlanta. While the Vivian Family Estate supports our mission, CTVLI is not a Vivian Family-sponsored organization.

About us.

Welcome to the
C.T. Vivian Leadership Institute

Passing the Torch to Create a Leadership Culture in Atlanta as a Model for Every City.
The C.T. Vivian Leadership Institute [CTVLI] is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization dedicated to the development and sustainability of communities. The organization was founded in 2008 by Dr. C. T. Vivian to “create a model of leadership culture in Atlanta”. CTVLI serves as a hub designed to centralize existing programs and services to work in coordination with local organizations to serve the needs of the community.

The Institute is designed to create an atmosphere where lifelong learning can take place in all stages of life. The CTVLI focuses on four areas that are critical to the success of individuals and communities: Faith, Personal, Education, and Economic Development. CTVLI programs are designed to reach each participant wherever they are, with the goal of taking them where they want to be. By offering classes to the individual and services to the community as a whole, the specific needs of both will be met.

Mission & Vision.

Dedicated to the Development and Sustainability of Communities


The C.T. Vivian Leadership Institute is dedicated to developing sustainable programs to revitalize underserved communities.


A community where all people can thrive.

The Initiatives.

Develop Sustainable Programs

The CTVLI offers a range of programs and classes to support lifelong training, in every stage of life. Our Program services the needs in the following areas.

Faith Based Development

CTVLI's model for redevelopment and revitalization is designed to strategically impact community infrastructure by encouraging faith-based organizations to expand their service offerings and provide much-needed programs and for their economic development and growth. In addition, The CTVLI Faith-Based programs even offer personal development skills designed to support healthy work/life balance.

Personal Development

Being informed and empowered citizens are key to a community's growth and development. CTVLI's model of personal development systems, resources, tools, and curriculums provides mentoring, job training, and life skills that enhance person capacities.

Educational Development

Our program adds to the foundation that schools lay for continuing education. By preparing youth for the global market. CTVLI's model for education addresses the needs and trains the students while the schools educate so that they are equipped to engage in the global marketplace.

Economic Development

Businesses provide jobs, products, and services that are vital to the community's economic development. CTVLI's model of incorporating its business development services promotes sustainability and increases businesses' capacity to generate employment opportunities and profit.